Sunlight and Wrinkles go hand in hand

Does sunlight encourage wrinkles?

Your Wrinkle Number May Be A Good Marker Of Total Sun Exposure In Life


I won’t let the sun come down on me

A study analysed the facial skin treatment (gezichtshuid behandeling) condition of over 1800 women and men living in a small community in Florida. It used quantitative methods to evaluate facial skin for hyperpigmentation, pores, texture, and anti wrinkling, and compared it to lifestyle information collected using  questionnaire.

Of all skin lifestyle (Aduro facial mask facebook) factors, only two were predominately associated with skin condition among both men and women: stoppen met roken door hypnose and sun protection. Furthermore, the authors state that aging that isn’t genetic and therefore isn’t inevitable, “is the result of exposure to environmental factors, primarily ultraviolet rays.” If you get a good massage Amsterdam. And the number of wrinkles an individual has may be a good indicator of the total amount of sun the individual has been exposed to in his or her life.

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