The Aduro LED light therapy face mask is the 4th mask we reviewed (yes, we’re a bit obsessed) and the second one we tried for at least 30 days.

Aduro 7+1 LED Mask

Aduro 7+1 LED Mask

We were not paid to try this LED facial mask, and we were not given it for free.


We still REALLY wanted to try the Aduro 7+1 LED face mask.


Because it has 4 unique qualities no other LED facial mask has:

1. It’s Portable (has a rechargeable battery) – you can move around with it

2. Lightweight material (medical silicone – only 7 ounces)

3. 11 pre-programmed treatments to choose from

4. Infrared wavelength included

In this post, you’ll see why these qualities made us so curious, how we used it (for 30 days), our review and our results (plus before and after pictures).


Let’s go.

Aduro 7+1 LED Mask: 4 Reasons We Had to Try it
The 11 LED Skin Treatments in the Aduro Led Mask
How to Use the Aduro Mask
Aduro 7+1 LED Mask: Our 30-Day Trial Results & Review
Aduro LED Mask Before and After
LED facials at Home: Any Downsides?
Aduro 7+1 LED Mask: 4 Reasons We Had to Try it

Here are the reasons we tried the mask:

1. No Confusion about the Right Color and Treatment Time

Aduro 7+1 Gezichtsmasker verjongt de huid.

Aduro 7+1 Gezichtsmasker verjongt de huid.

There are 8 different LED colors (wavelengths) included in the mask:

Light orange
Infrared (invisible)
But the question is:

Which color do you need? Should you combine multiple colors? And for how long?

Here’s why you won’t need to go researching for the answers:

The Aduro LED mask includes 11 different pre-programmed treatments you can choose from.
This is the most important feature in the Aduro LED mask.


Because it eliminates confusion about which colors to use and for how long.

For example:

Want to treat acne?

Aduro takes care of your skin -

Aduro takes care of your skin

You just choose the “acne buster’ option on the controller, and the mask lights up with the blue color wavelength (proven to destroy acne-causing bacteria), and shuts off automatically after the required treatment time.

aduro led mask

Want to reduce wrinkles?
Choose either “skin booster” (infrared + red) or “wrinkle reducer” (red) from the controller – and go do whatever you want until the mask shuts off automatically.

The 11 LED Skin Treatments in the Aduro Led Mask

Here’s the complete list of skin treatments you can choose from, directly from the controller:

✅ Skin booster – combines both red light and infrared (invisible) wavelengths – proven to promote collagen production in your skin, improve skin tone and radiance.

Infrared wavelength, which is felt as heat, penetrates deeper into the skin and promotes healing of the skin and pain relief.

(Want to know how? See all about infrared light therapy HERE)

✅ Acne Buster – blue light therapy was scientifically proven to kill acne-causing bacteria (up to 70%), which effectively treats blemishes and acne spots – in just a few days.

It’s the best treatment to prevent acne breakouts.

✅ Cell Rejuvenation – this treatment uses purple light (red with blue), which can increase cell regeneration, prolong cell-life and cleanse the skin.

This treatment is great for a combination skin. My Aura Reading online.

✅ Skin Balancer – green light can even the skin complexion, treat hyperpigmentation, dark circles, and redness.

✅ Red away – yellow light can reduce redness (red light is also proven to be effective for Rosacea) and treat sunburns, psoriasis, and eczema.

led mask with yellow light therapy

✅ Pain Blocker – cyan light therapy can reduce inflammation, and has soothing and pain relieving properties. It can also reduce swollen capillaries. Great for facial spider veins.

led facial light therapy mask

✅ Radiant Skin – orange light is known to promote skin radiance and promote a brighter glow.

✅ Wrinkle Reducer – Red light therapy promotes collagen, treats scars, reduces inflammation and redness and promotes skin rejuvenation.

✅ Skin Soother – resembles the skin balancer program

✅ Daily Dose – for everyday maintenance. Cycles through each color wavelength for overall wellness and rejuvenation.

✅ Quick Fix – which cycles through Primary and Secondary light wavelengths for Radiant skin that offers you a collagen boost, anti-redness, anti-inflammation, and wellness.


Aduro LED Mask against wrinkles and ageing of the facial skin.

Aduro LED Mask against wrinkles and ageing of the facial skin.

. Perfect for Busy People – 100% Portable

The Aduro LED mask kit is 100% portable.

(Click the link above to check it out, and if you want to buy it – please use coupon code LIGHT10 to get a special discount)

All the other masks we tried or researched were not rechargeable, which means you have to plug them into the wall and stay put while you use them.

The Aduro LED mask kit is a rechargeable mask and comes with a USB cable for charging.

You can sit back and relax, but I used it while washing the dishes, doing the laundry, playing with your kids (though they may get a little distracted…) and you can easily take it traveling with you.
Here’s me doing the dishes with it:

portable rechargeable led mask

It has a Velcro strap which helps the mask stay put while you do anything you want (though I wouldn’t recommend jogging with it…)

3. Can Be Used for Pain Relief

The Aduro LED masker Belgie is the only one which includes invisible infrared wavelength, which is proven to naturally and effectively relieve pain.

If you suffer from painful acne, Rosacea pain and redness, or any other skin condition that causes pain – choose the “skin booster” treatment, which includes infrared.

4. Weighs Only 7 Ounces!

The Aduro is the most lightweight mask we’ve seen or heard of.

Most masks are made with plastic, which makes them feel heavy and awkward on your face (this was one of the downsides we found when we tried the Project E Beauty mask)

This one is made with medical silicone, which is flexible (it easily conforms to the shape of your face) and lightweight.

How to Use the Aduro Mask

Start on a clean face by removing any traces of makeup and dirt from your skin by using a makeup remover and your facial cleanser.
Choose your program, according to the skin condition which bothers you most.
Sit back and relax or go about your business as usual – it’s up to you.
When the mask automatically shuts off, apply your preferred moisturizer.
The manufacturer recommends using 4 times a week, but we think that 5 times is even better.


Seeing results will take time. We would expect visible results only after at least 2 weeks.

And now, here’s how we used it and our trial results:

Aduro 7+1 LED Mask: Our 30-Day Trial Results & Review
aduro led mask review

Before we tell you how we used it and how it works, I’m sure you want to see my results, right?

Here’s what my skin looked like before:

Aduro Skincare - Facial Mask for home-use.

Aduro Skincare – Facial Mask for home-use.
before and after retouch, skin care.

aduro led mask before and after

Aduro LED Mask Before and After

Here are the before pictures:

aduro led mask before and after

And here are the Aduro LED Mask after pictures:

aduro led mask trial results

I wasn’t expecting overnight miraculous results, but overall my skin looks more glowy, slightly firmer and I definitely noticed wrinkle reduction – in the nasolabial area and frown lines (hurray!)

I also noticed a slight improvement with my hyperpigmentation and skin redness between the eyebrows.

Overall I’m thrilled with the results (been asked a few times if I’ve “done any work”), I think that this mask is well worth its price and definitely will continue to use it for 30 more days or longer.
Now, Let’s see exactly how I used it:

Middel tegen rimpels

Middel tegen rimpels

First, here’s what you get in the box:

There is the mask, the controller with all the treatment options, instructions, and a charger.

The mask It is a thick rubbery feeling mask which fits well around the face. The edges are quite soft so I think it will fit around all face shapes.

The back of the mask is joined by velcro and It holds up well with no slipping which is important if you want to get on with doing things while the mask is on.

How I used the Aduro LED Mask

Since my main issues are wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation, I used 3 (alternating) treatments – 5 times a week:

1. Skin booster

2. Wrinkle Reducer

3. Skin Balancer

Each treatment lasted 20 minutes before the mask automatically shut off.

It was extremely easy to use. I fully charged it with the USB cable, and the charging lasted for 4 treatments each time.

I only strapped it on my face, chose the treatment from the controller, and usually proceeded to do my dishes (or just resting on the sofa).

The mask leaves the skin slightly warm (in a pleasant way), especially if you use the treatment that includes infrared light therapy (which is experienced as heat).

I followed each treatment with a Vitamin C serum and moisturizer.

The feeling afterwards is great. If you allow yourself the time to sit back and relax – you’ll enjoy a stress relief bonus – which all of us need.
I masked 5 times a week – allowing my skin to regenerate on the weekends.

LED facials at Home: Any Downsides?

The main downside of this mask is probably the price.

It’s over $300 (with free international shipping).


If you set aside a budget for a beauty gadget, this one is a good investment.

Its portable design and ease of use will help you stick with the treatment – which is the most critical factor in LED treatments success rate.
Here’s how I see it:

The Aduro LED mask price is about the same as 6 LED facials in a clinic (which will get you nowhere). ==>> If you purchase, use coupon code LIGHT10 to get a special discount we’ve arranged for you.

But when you have this mask at home, you can use it indefinitely and keep enjoying the results.

This makes this home LED mask a cost-effective investment.

(You can see the top 4 LED face masks in 2018 HERE)

Bottom Line

After using this mask 5 times a week for 4 weeks, I can definitely recommend (and I have – to my friends and family) the Aduro LED mask.

That’s why I arranged for a special discount code for you – use aduro10 code at checkout.

I would also add that to me it seems like the best LED face mask in 2018, and here’s why:

The portability and ease of use increase the chance of sticking with the skin care treatment and seeing visible, satisfying results (I’ve been asked numerous times whether I’ve done Botox or a facelift).
It includes all colors and treatments for all skin conditions.
It fits all skin types
It includes infrared rays which can be used for pain relief
It’s comfortable and lightweight.
Like I said in the beginning, I was not paid to review this mask, or given it for free. This is my honest opinion.

Where Did I Buy the Aduro LED Kit?
I got it on the official website. Use coupon code aduro5 to get a special discount from our site.
Questions? Comments? Looking forward to reading them.

To your health and happiness,

Charlotte Cat

Brand description

The Aduro idea

The Aduro Concept starts with the idea of providing a range of Led Light Therapy products that are of high quality, exclusive, safe and effective. It is achieved by combining quality, functionality and design – always with sustainability in mind. Aduro has high standards of sustainability and the highest respect for Earth and it’s future. The Aduro way of doing things exists in every part of our company, from design, sourcing, packing and distributing through customer service. Ikonen restaurateur Our aim is to help more people live a better life at the comfort of their own home.

The Aduro heritage

Today, Aduro reaches thousands of hearts and homes all over the world, but every success story has to start somewhere. Did you know that Aduro once was as a tiny business located in Amsterdam, the worldcity? And that the Aduro headquarters for design are still located there? Our founder was born in Amsterdam. Here’s the story.

The Aduro roots

Alain Dijkstra founded Aduro in 2006 at the age of 22, massage amsterdam designing and selling LED Light Therapy products. Facial Masks, Teeth Whitening Lamps, Lipcares, Muscle recovering LED Panels up to Anti Bacterial Light products. Amsterdam, the city where Alain grew up, is well known for it’s innovative environment, freedom and cultural hypnose amsterdam climate. Dijkstra are said to be thrifty and innovative, with a no-nonsense approach to everyday problem solving. This heritage is one explanation to the Aduro way of doing things and to our success in the past thirteen years. Tandenbleek Groothandel & Tandenbleek cursus.